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I need advice

Ok here it is…. My sister in law and her husband want to take my daughter to Hawaii next month. They are going with other couples and the one couple has a little girl close to my little one’s age. They will pay fir my kid to go, we just have to send about 100 bucks. Now my brother in law is a very cranky, zero patience kind of guy, as well as extremely judgmental, and gives off a heavy vibe of “I am way better than all you pieces of shit”. In the past has made very rude comments about my little girl that have actually offended other people. Now Hawaii would be awesome for my girl, but what if something happens? We are stuck here! Yeah she would be going with doctors, but being a doctor doesn’t make you an experienced parent. They have a one year old and mine is seven. Plus I guarantee you my bro in law is gonna be an asshole to her and I can’t be there to protect her and that scares me the most! I think they want her to go for selfish reasons, being to help keep the other little girl occupied so she isn’t super demanding on her parents. Makes sense in my mind as to why they want to bring my kid. Any parents out there, what would you do?


Last night I dreamt that I was downtown Toronto, hammered then fell asleep on the street. I had a quilt with me, my slr and a type writer. There were two homeless dudes there with automatic weapons. I watched the sun rise over the city scape while putting my socks on. All of a sudden a cab from the late eighties pulls up with the driver and a man looking for me…… How can I explain this shit?


Ok tumblr can you please develop an update for the iPhone where I can turn it sideways to type? Not everyone has tiny little dainty fingers. So please work on that. Today i am at work till 11 and of course I don’t want to be. I was gonna go to the gym today but I just can’t get motivated. I need a workout buddy. You wanna come with me? I go to the cheap gym, 20 bucks a month. I wanna hit the tanning machine again and get my metro on. Anyways I will write something laterz

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